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Green Leaves

Yoga is not about self-improvement its about self-acceptance.

Gumukh Kaur Khalsa



I'm Grace, a mother of two young children. Hence the

"Mama- Yoga".

I have been practising yoga for over 15 years.

 Yoga has been my friend through many challenges in my life especially whilst studying my MSc in Dance Movement psychotherapy and before that yoga helped to heal my body after a professional ballet career and its vigorous training.

Most profoundly Yoga was my anchor during my second pregnancy in which I had to emotionally over come a challenging first 26 hour long, emergency delivery, hospital, labour. This affected my mental health and confidence as a new mother. Practicing Yoga consistently throughout my second pregnancy gifted me an empowering birthing experience in which I felt completely in control with baby arriving safely, calmly, in a midwife led centre, all within 2 hours! I wished I had been as consistent the first time round.

I set up MAMAYOGA hoping to empower other mums and mums to be with the confidence and knowledge that their bodies are able to birth, naturally and serenely. I also wanted to offer a helping hand to other parents in need of a little solitude, time and relaxation.

 In recent years I have ventured  further afield teaching adult Yoga locally for all abilities as well as teaching mindful Yoga to corporate companies.

 I have loved working with a globally recognised children's charity, providing parent and baby bonding modules (also used by the NHS), as well as providing wellbeing courses to professional therapists. 

I am currently undertaking my own Yoga therapy Diploma with London's Yoga united UK and hope to graduate in 2023.

MAMAYOGA is dedicated to bring mindfulness to all our yoga classes, nurturing the physical, emotional and spiritual self. I see the body as a whole being and focus my practice on supporting just that. 

Green Leaves

Your body exists in the past,
your mind exists in the future. In yoga they come together in the present.
     B.K.S Iyengar

MAMAYOGA's classes focus on helping you stay in the present moment, achieving peace from the inside to help you find peace on the outside world,  both  physically and within society. 

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