Bridge Pose


I'm Grace a mother of two young children. I have been practising Yoga for over 16 years and completed my Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga qualification with YogaQuota in Oxford in 2019.

 I have always come back to Yoga practice during moments of great need in my life. It has enabled emotional healing from grief, breakups and difficult relationships as well as physical recovery after my training and career as a classical ballet dancer. Yoga supported me emotionally during  further training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist when strengthening and rejuvenating the mind was essential. Yoga has also undoubtedly supported my Postnatal recovery and empowered my Pregnancies and birthing experiences.

I have come to realise over the many years  just how powerful and vital daily or even weekly yoga practice is to me and has left me more inwardly balanced, physically healthy and emotionally secure. 


I set up MamaYoga hoping to help others in need of a little solitude, time and relaxation. I believe life should be lived with joy, gratitude, and a dedication to being present in the moment. These feelings inform and guide my teachings, which are focused on helping my clients better connect to themselves, their communities, and to the rest of the world.